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Erklärt Lohnsteuerhilfeverein e.V.

The association was founded in July 2015 and approved by the Bavarian State Tax Office as representation of the interests of tax payers.

Erklärt Lohnsteuerhilfe-verein e.V. is an association with the purpose to support its members in all income tax and payroll tax issues in a friendly manner and competent of course.

Due to the fact that for many people the annual tax declaration cause stress and is a time-consuming burden, it is important for the head of the association that the members obtain a reliable point of contact for their tax matters. Members receive through their membership better quality of life and leisure.


„It's not to little time we have, but there is too much time we do not use!“ (Seneca)


Head of the association


The counseling center in Munich is headed by Martina Maul.

After her business management studies she worked several years in big and middle-sized offices in Frankfurt/Main and Munich. She completed her tax advisor exam in spring 2010 and is a certified tax advisor by German law since then.

Through many years of experience in tax consulting, it ensures high quality and competent support of the members by the association under her lead.

Since 2012 Martina Maul lives and works in Munich. She grew up near Landshut and has lived after graduation for some time in an English speaking country.

Consequently, the consultation and communication may also be in English.


„Many people get a headache even when they think about their annual tax return or taxes in general. This must not be the case!

My mission is, to assist you in all tax matters in order to avoid needless stress! So you can spend your time for the really important things in life."